Discussing possible workshop topics.

Following our research on workshop techniques and topics we came up with an idea each and discussed them.

We could create a workshop around sketching under the prototyping and idea generation category. The workshop could start with explaining how sketching can be a useful way of communicating ideas for designers and programmers.

The first task could be putting everyone to sketch while we give some directions to get them started and increase their confidence.

The second task could be a group task (of 2 or more) where one element of the group thinks of something not obvious (like an idea, or a layout of page) and tries to create a sketch of it. The others members of the group try to guess it under a timer. This is done until all of the members did a sketch. This task could increase the understanding of how sketching can be used to convey ideas.

One idea I had, may sound pretty crazy but maybe as an add on to the sketching idea we could add some more creativity into the workshop by implementing Lego as a way of the groups expressing their ideas, this doesn’t have to be the sole aspect of the workshop but could be an element that would engage people more as they would be more involved and be having fun. This idea would probably work best if we were to choose Prototyping and idea generation as they would be coming up with ideas and prototyping using Lego.

I was thinking maybe we could use the sketching as the initial idea generation and then use the Lego for them to try and build the ideas they just sketched.

This could be a nice change in the workshop especially for those people, like we discussed, who don’t enjoy sketching. Although I suppose its a little bit harder to do as we’d need to think about where we’d get Lego from how will that affect our budget.

Methodology of workshop
Developing from the idea of sketching and using this tool to express ideas of prototyping we can further develop the methodology of conducting the workshop. We can teach using sketching as a way for individuals to show their ideas however, create task oriented scenarios for individuals to implement the sketching technique. Such as creating scenarios for individuals where they would need to prototype an idea through sketching.

As well as teaching sketching as being the main tool, we can teach them how to sketch and the things we can do with sketching, for example creating wire frames and spider diagrams. learning these methods for individuals who are new to the concept, they can later implement the technique in scenario based tasks which we create for them.

Scenarios which we create can vary, from quick fire situational concepts such as “Ben only has one arm, and finds it difficult operating a computer, create a concept design which would enable him to use a computer comfortably and efficiently”. The workshop can be structured this way where individuals can explore and experiment through these scenarios by themselves.

Discussing possible workshop topics.