Considering tasks for our workshop.

Defining tasks for communicating ideas as proven a difficult task so far. We have decided to distance ourselves from sketching and start over when deciding a topic. Our discussion led to some thoughts on idea generation and completely changed the way our workshop was initially planned.


We have came up with a tasks and developed a workshop focused on idea generation including a game using Nerf-guns.

Each member of the group has a role. Each round lasts 60 seconds during the round one person will be sketching an idea on a given scenario, if the person doesn’t sketch their idea on time then they get shot. Another person will judge the idea in 60 seconds (an alternative idea would be, one person tries to guess the idea that was sketched under 60 seconds).

During the second task the group picks a sketch to be passed on to another group, each group will have do come up with an idea of what they could to with it, related with the scenario, sketch and criteria.

However to be sure that these would suitable tasks we will be testing our workshop on another group soon.

Considering tasks for our workshop.